These are challenging times. We so hope you all are coping well, staying safe and are gradually opening your businesses following provincial guidelines. Sadly, not all businesses will be returning. We were advised that after 90 years serving the community, Welcome Wagon has ceased operations. Eleanor McDougall was our area representative as well as a Chamber member and worked tirelessly in our area promoting local businesses for 20 years. Thank you and you will be missed. This unfortunately will not be the last as the prediction for small businesses not to reopen is as high as 45%. No one knows your business better than you and this is a time to be financially prudent moving forward.

We thank the frontline workers for their continuing devotion and assistance to help our community and to the local businesses that are contributing through donations of funds, services, and supplies. Our local foodbanks are incredibly grateful for any donations. As a Chamber we have donated $1,500 to Clarington East Foodbank to date. THEY STILL NEED CASH DONATIONS. PLEASE HELP IF YOU ARE ABLE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Chamber via the website or by phone.

Rapid Covid test kits are available to order in Clarington only through the Clarington Board of Trade. Contact them at 905-623-3106 or