Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce

The Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce has been supporting business for over 40 years, with members from neighbouring communities contributing to a rich assortment of product and services to choose from. From major corporations to smaller family-owned enterprises, our Chamber Members work together to contribute to the town itself as volunteers, and support each other with a dedicated referral network.

The population of Newcastle continues to grow exponentially as new residences and commercial enterprises are moving in and although the area is experiencing a great boost in population recently, that ‘small town feeling’ can still be found in it’s historic buildings and pleasant recreational spaces.

Why join the Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce?

Our commitment to our Members remains strong as we move forward, incorporating new technologies and stepping further into the online world to support our Members in their quest to reach out to new clients. From new Networking Opportunities, to a new Website and Social Media in 2016, we deliver great support in person, also with new online, as well as print advertising opportunities in our annual Your Business Source Membership Directory.

Members can take advantage of our Member to Member discounts, and the cost of joining remains affordable for even the smallest of operations. You will find a great support system from our Members as they work together to promote and refer each other to new clients. We offer education and training on many basic business skills, and our Members are always welcome to join our Committee Meetings and share their voice, helping us to deliver the services needed in our community.

Read more about becoming a valued Member of the Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce on our Membership Page, and please contact us if you have any questions; we would love to hear from you.

Director’s Message

We are both proud and pleased to present our 2017 Business Directory during our country’s 150th Birthday.

The Business Directory has proven to be an effective resource as a phone directory, community information source and a quick way to find who does what you need done. Our volunteers have worked at improving and expanding the directory each year to bring you the concise and informative product you see. For your convenience, we also provide a digital version on our website at

The Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce’s mandate is to promote our members and their business to the community through various mediums. We offer seminars and are involved in local events promoting Newcastle and District.

As previously said, we are both proud and pleased with our 2017 directory and hope that you find it helpful and informative. We continually strive to improve the product and welcome your feedback.

We would also like to thank the volunteers that make the events, seminars, the directory, and networking mingles happen. Without their time and effort, it wouldn’t happen.

– Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce