Do you hesitate about printing promotional door hangers? Perhaps you are concerned about the quantity to print, or how to distribute them, but printing door hangers for marketing can be the right solution for your business.

With several finishes offered, door hangers can reflect your brand and marketing messages in a professional way.

Make sure you choose the right stock and finish for effective door hanger marketing. A door hanger with a functional design will encourage recipients to keep and use it.

Designing eye-catching door hangers
Available in single-sided and double-sided printing, promotional door hangers should always provide essential information about your products/services. Contact information and website must be prominently displayed.

An option is to have a tear-off business card as part of your door hanger.

For advertising purposes, use a headline that is eye-catching and explains your core message. Door hangers are usually skimmed, so focus on the main marketing message in the design.

RJN Limited can help you promote your business locally. We will look after all the details, from design to printing of custom door hangers. We can even provide distribution to your target market. This is a great way to get your business back in the mind of customers.


Jim Norwood, RJN Limited


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