To All Newcastle Chamber Members;

In March of 2017, phone calls were being made to Newcastle Chamber Members from an individual claiming to be from, and represent, the Newcastle Chamber, working for First Data, and offering discounts for payment processing services. At that time, we discovered this individual did not in fact work for First Data, nor did he represent the Chamber in any way.

The individual actually worked for PayCloud Inc. The Newcastle Chamber filed a complaint with the company, as Mr. Liam Gainey had misrepresented himself, and had gone so far as to leave a bad Google review on one of our Member businesses, and requesting financial information be sent by email to him.

We instructed PayCloud Inc. to cease contacting our Newcastle Chamber Members in any way based on these unprofessional practices. We were in contact with Durham Regional Police Anti-Fraud department regarding the matter at that time.

It has come to our attention that this is happening once again. The Chamber is currently filing a complaint and will be following up as needed to ensure he will cease contacting Members, claiming to represent ‘local chambers’, as this is not the case.

To be clear; The Newcastle Chamber does Not have any affiliation with, nor does it endorse, First Data, Pay Cloud, or Liam Gainey’s services. We advise our Members to avoid any further dealings with this individual, based on the information we currently have, and past experiences.

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact us by email at: [email protected], or call our Chamber line at: 289 675 0946.