December 2013: We’ve been busy planning for 2014.  We have a number of new events on the schedule.
Dec 9, 2013 – Holiday Social
Dec 27, 2013 – Free Family Skate
Jan 28, 2014 – Annual General Meeting
Feb 25, 2014 – Tax Talks Event
Mar 14, 2014 – Free Family Skate
Apr 29, 2014 – Marketing Education Event
Jun 1, 2014 – Spring Home & Lifestyle Show
July 1, 2014 – Canada Day Celebration Event
Sep 2014 – Fall Business Showcase

We’re adding more events for our members.  These are designed to increase interaction time with your peers but more importantly with customers/clients.  Sales are key and we’re trying to design programs that not only educate but drive sales and ROI.

“Return on Investment” is the number one thing for small business.  Our goal is to get as many people in the community to notice, buy and become valued on going customers/clients

We’re trying to help get them in your door what are you doing to keeping them.  These are some key things for you to remember…
1. Affordability
2. Customer Experience
3. Customer Support

We are looking for Directors for our board for 2014.  If you have an interest and would like to get involved and help build the business community please reach out, we would be pleased to talk.

All of the Directors would like to wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season.