Welcome to the Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce website. The Newcastle Chamber is a volunteer based organization that has successfully navigated over business in the area for over forty years. I must say, if it wasn’t for a few diehard individuals this Chamber may not be here today. I personally want to thank these individuals for the countless hours and personal dedication they have shown to keep the chamber live and well. We enjoy a vibrant and full slate of directors on the board these days and are working hard to develop programs that will help you grow.

We are also trying to help you, run your business better and at lower costs. With a membership of nearly 100 and the strength of our national organization we are able to purchase services and products for you at reduced cost. Examples include life and disability insurance coverage, Merchant services for VISA, Mastercard and Interac. Coming soon discounts on hotels and car rentals as well as home and auto insurance.

Every year the Chamber and its members host receptions, breakfasts, seminars and other meetings where you and your team can meet with other business owners. These are wonderful opportunities to learn more about our town, other businesses and issues which affect all of us.

Finally, the Chamber is dedicated to your success but the Chamber needs your help to meet its goal. Please support your Chamber by renewing your dues, volunteering, attending events and encouraging other businesses to join. Come and enjoy some “ROI” “Return on Involvement”. We are trying to help. Thank you all for your support.

Tom Ujfalussy
Newcastle & District Chamber of Commerce