Dear Friends and Associates,

I would like to wish the entire membership and all families a wonderful, successful and safe 2012. It has been great to have worked with everyone in one way or another through the Newcastle and District Chamber of Commerce.

2011 has been a very busy year for me. I have experienced new business opportunities which have been keeping me away from most Chamber activities and events. I have had little time to be involved in our growing and thriving community. I truly missed being an active part of our community over these past months.

An active and growing organization such as our Chamber of Commerce requires leadership which can be involved in all discussion and decisions. This fall I found myself unable to make the time commitment that I felt was required to be involved at the level I believe is necessary.

I discussed my dilemma with several of our executive and asked the Board if it would be acceptable for someone to replace me as the Chairperson for our executive. With understanding the executive accepted my position and an excellent choice was made to sit as Chair of our Newcastle and District Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Tom Ujfalassy of Snap Clarington accepted the position and is sitting as the Chair for us at this time. Tom has been doing an excellent job and is moving us forward at an excellent pace. I thank Tom for his support and for sharing his business skills with us. I would also like to thank the executive for their feedback and understanding.

I will look forward to continued involvement with the Chamber and the community, and wish everyone continued success in the future.

Dean Perrin