Simply put, direct mail is a great form of communication because it provides intimate, person-to-person conversation which commands attention by taking advantage of an individual’s habit of reading and responding to mail

The past couple of years have been as difficult on your customers as it has been on your business. Your clients have been apprehensive of leaving the safety of their homes, let alone going into a store. Many have chosen to work from home to avoid going to the office. With the recent changes to restrictions, you NEED to re-establish contact with your customers and reach out to potential customers. Let them know you are open for business; reassure them you are still providing the same services and carrying the same products. Many people have started ordering online that never imagined they would. You need to let those shoppers know you provide this service

Direct mail is marketing material or product mailed directly to the homes of consumers or offices of business buyers. Examples of this include postcards with an offer or catalogs that display goods.

Direct Mail is a great tool when used in conjunction with other marketing campaigns. It can utilize a message, develop a brand, generate short-term return, or even gather important information. The benefit of this approach on your marketing campaigns is greater than the alternatives. It also ensures brands will reach their best audience with a relevant message.

RJN Limited has provided this service to our clients with great success. They are cost effective, and we can tailor the mailing to your specific needs. There are twelve categories that can be defined as a target market i.e. age, household income, marital status, and occupation to name a few. You can also choose to send your message to homes, apartments, farms, or businesses, or any combination of all four. We can work within your budget to maximize the benefits of your mailing.
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