The digital world is getting crowded, and more businesses are returning to print marketing to boost visibility, attract new customers and grow their business. But don’t call it a comeback: Print marketing never left.

There are some things that print marketing can do that online marketing and social media ads just can’t compete on. An online ad can only be seen. A postcard or business card can be seen and touched — and the quality of the printed piece speaks to the quality of your business.

Studies have shown that combining print marketing with digital promotions drives higher response rates and conversions than using digital-only communications. Print marketing promotes your business beyond the computer screen. You can take your message to heavy-traffic areas or where your target audience hangs out.

Let’s be honest: Online ads can come across as spammy. Some people are afraid to click on them for fear of having their identity stolen or downloading a virus. Print marketing, such as a professionally printed postcard, lets customers know that you are an actual business and not a scam.

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to emphasize what you do better. But in a small online ad, there’s not a lot of room to highlight your business’s features and benefits. However, in a print marketing piece, you have plenty of space to share detailed information about your products and services in an easy-to-read format.

It’s important to create an online and offline journey for customers, especially for businesses in the hospitality, food and restaurant, automotive repair, and any industry that involves visiting a storefront or other location.

While many businesses dedicate their marketing budget to try to stand out in jam-packed online world, savvy business owners use a combination of digital and print marketing increase their chances of making a lasting impression.


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